Listen to Lee Bannon's continuum-hopping 'Heretic / Priscillian Acid'

The Ninja Tune eclectic is as hardcore as ever.

Lee Bannon is never afraid to mix genres, as he’s demonstrated on everything from his Pro Era beats to his Alternate/Endings LP to his off-kilter FACT mix. His latest track, ‘Heretic / Priscillian Acid’, is nearly three tunes in one, as dive-bombing acid gives way to a slab of industrial techno before revealing an ambient, Ghost Dog-sampling jungle movement.

Stream it below or grab it via his Bandcamp. When asked for a comment on the song, he pointed us to some recent tweets that describe his outlook these days:

For more Lee Bannon, FACT TV interviewed the producer at Mutek — in front of a giant robotic moose head.



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