Portugal’s yearly experimental music expo Semibreve has expanded its list of players.

It was already looking like something of a bounty for fans of music’s weirder side, with performances confirmed from Demdike Stare (and member Miles Whittaker in solo mode), Warp’s patten, Roll the Dice, Karen Gwyer + Maria Mónica and more, and now it’s looking even more tantalizing.

The festival have added veteran Warp duo Plaid, who will no doubt be performing tracks from their enjoyable new full-length Reachy Prints; Sheffield-based experimental electronic music staple Mark Fell, who will also be performing as Sensate Focus; Touch’s Thomas Ankersmit; Cronica’s @C; Polish artist Anna Zaradny and Berlin’s Pierce Warnecke.

For more information and tickets make sure you head over to the Semibreve site.



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