In light of last year’s tragic deaths, New York EDM festival Electric Zoo has been forced to make changes for its 2014 event.

This has included upping the police presence on the Randall’s Island site, and making sure all staff have in-depth background checks, and that’s not all. In a move that should look pretty familiar to anyone who grew up in the UK in the 80s and 90s, Electric Zoo have put together a drug awareness campaign called, somewhat awkwardly, Come To Life.

The press release states, “The campaign is intended to make fans think about the potential negative consequences of ‘dropping’ Molly and to avoid those risks,” and typically they’ve put together an embarrassing video to labour the point. Now the supply of impure Molly and other synthetic drugs is certainly a massive problem in the US right now, with people dying regularly ingesting chemicals they often didn’t sign up for, but forcing punters to watch an unintentionally hilarious video of a “stoked” bro “rolling” probably isn’t a way to curb the problem.

You can take a look at the vid, which was directed by TV’s James Manos Jr. of Sopranos and Dexter fame, below. [via Consequence of Sound]



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