UK ballroom impresario Niall Connolly drops an importantly-NSFW mix.

Earlier this year, Connolly shared the untold story of the UK vogue scene (part one and two) and shared a sizzling mix of contemporary vogue under his CVNT TRAXXX alias. And while his moniker may be controversial, it nods to one of the most important word in the scene (as anyone who has listened to ballroom knows).

“I always knew that associating myself with the “c-bomb” would be controversial, maybe even a turn-off for some folk, so when #FEELINGS asked for a 13 minute mix a few years ago, I decided to put something together to show how “cunt” has been used positively,” Connolly tells us.

“It basically means hyper-feminine and also super-strong, and in the context of voguing and drag it is very positive. House, and in particular ballroom music, has been the main genre for using the word, and this mix covers both modern ballroom and also the older 90s track that first used the term, like Tronco Traxx and in particular the legendary Kevin Aviance.”

Stream the mix — which features modern producers like MikeQ and Divoli S’vere alongside vogue originals Kevin Aviance and Tronco Traxx — below. Catch CVNT TRAXXX with MikeQ this Saturday at Manchester’s Soup Kitchen.



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