Atlanta’s foremost rap-weirdo makes his television debut.

Well, this certainly wouldn’t have happened when Jay Leno was hosting The Tonight Show: last night, Atlanta veteran T.I. performed a verse of his new single ‘No Mediocre’ before introducing the crowd — and much of America — to Young Thug.

The pair performed T.I.’s ‘About the Money’ backed by house band The Roots, but the takeaway is that a rapper with Princess Leia hair buns and a septum piercing played on late night television’s most important institution. Welcome to 2014.

For more Young Thug, check out his 1017 Thug 2 album/mixtape (an admittedly slapdash collection) or listen to his banging collaboration with A$AP Ferg, Freddie Gibbs, Salva and Nick Hook, ‘Old English’.



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