Kieran Hebden took to Soundcloud this weekend to upload a host of dusty material from the archives.

Along with the expected series of sets – a Dublab session from 2001, a WFMU set with Steve Reid from 2006 – is a real treat, a 17-minute recording of Hebden performing at school in 1995 when he was just 17 years old.

Keen Hebden fans among you will know that it wasn’t long before he’d be putting out records with his innovative post-rock act Fridge (their first release was two years later in ’97) but hearing Hebden shred is still a rare privilege, and it’s held up surprisingly well. We’re hearing a fair bit of shoegaze in there, as well as a good solid nod to the NY post punk lot – what a champ.

Take a listen and download below, and peep the whole archive here.



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