Music industry reportedly set to adopt global album release day

Industry sources say the change is a “done deal.”

According to Billboard, the record industry is set to adopt a global street date in an effort to stop digital piracy. As anyone who has ever illegally downloaded an album knows, piracy begins almost immediately when albums drop in Australia (on Fridays), before their respective dates in the UK (Monday) and the US (Tuesday).

Some sources say the move is a “done deal” with regards to the major labels and industry associations IFPI and RIAA, with a change to Fridays set to take effect in July 2015. However, some physical merchants, indie labels and indie merchants are opposed to changes to years-old purchasing behaviors; Billboard admits they might not have much say in the final decision.

In addition, any street date change would have to be accommodated by changes in the scheduling of physical releases and by changes to how the music charts operate.



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