Download two new techno jams from Legowelt

Super-prolific techno deity blesses us with two freebies.

Dutch producer Legowelt has given away a pair of new tracks via his website, because he’s nice like that.

‘I Have A Soul’ is temptingly described as “creamy electro-techno with copious amounts of tape juice and a superthick 3 layer bassline like a luscious chocolate cake,” assisted by his Roland-Juno 106, while ‘Baia De Guanabara’ is a “slow drifting timid techno jam” like the Zeppelin in the artwork, which was “Just jammed losely [sic] out of the sleeve”.

Stream and download them both from his amazing website, which contains a ton of other gems too. Last year he gave away a Roland JD-800 sampler pack to “let the creative juices drip” – get inspired with his cracking FACT mix from 2011.

For more Wolfers, take an hour-long tour of his studio and watch him talk about the perils of “flabby tech-house” on FACT TV.



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