It’s almost Halloween, and you know what that means?

Well, apart from the bats, witches and cobwebs, it means we’re in for a string of parties boasting some of the year’s best lineups, and secretsundaze are already teasing us with their bumper event. The theme of their party is Dead Famous, which basically means dead people who are famous – that means you can bust out your Richard Nixon costume, your Janis Joplin garb and your Rod Hull wig. Not all at once, mind you.

There’s gonna be a pretty incredible soundtrack too, with Underground Resistance operator Rolando (he of ‘Knights of the Jaguar’ fame), new Ninja Tune signing Romare and residents James Priestley and Giles Smith. There’s also a very special as-yet-unannounced guest, who’s alleged to be “one of the most hyped producers and DJs to come out of London in recent years.” Well we’re intrigued.

For more info and tickets, head here.




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