Dirty Beaches‘ Alex Zhang Hungtai has finally revealed his long-rumored instrumental album STATELESS.

It’s been in the pipeline for ages (there was even a trailer), but now we’ve got the full details of the four-track album. Hungtai recorded STATELESS with italian composer Vittorio Demarin – Demarin plays viola, and Hungtai handles synth and saxophone, and the whole thing was recorded by David Lynch collaborator Dean Hurley.

The result is a record that sounds strangely removed from time, as Hungtai effortlessly blends his choice of instruments with an airy ambience that’s easy to get lost in. You can hear opener ‘Displaced’ below, and the album is set to land on November 4 via ZOO Music. [via Exclaim]


01 Displaced
02 Stateless
03 Pacific Ocean
04 Time Washes Away Everything



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