Bestival to expand into North America and Europe

Isle of Wight shindig sets it sights on foreign lands.

Bestival founder Rob Da Bank has signed a distribution deal to expand into North America and Europe.

“The deal has been a long time coming,” Da Bank told The Telegraph. “I’ve never been in this industry for the money but now I’m 40 with three small kids, it’s time to get business minded.”

The festival, which celebrates its tenth anniversary next month, is part of the his Sunday Best portfolio of business ventures.

“We’ve made a real impression on the festival market and pioneered a lot of ideas,” said the DJ, who recently moved from BBC Radio 1 to 6Music. “People think Bestival pours multi-millions into my bank account every year and it doesn’t… That’s not a sob story but now it’s time to knuckle down a bit. My twenties and thirties were a total laugh but now I have to be responsible.”

He’s also recently launched Earworm to supply soundtracks and bespoke scores for film, TV, video games and advertising, including his own score for forthcoming BBC drama From There to Here.

He and his business partner Ben Turner were apparently inspired to start the business after spending time with director David Lynch in his studio, as you do. “David’s concentrating more on music now and we signed him to Sunday Best,” said the DJ. “Sitting there in the place where he wrote the music for all his films was an inspirational moment.”

This year’s Bestival takes place from September 4-7 with OutKast, Beck and Foals headlining. Think you could do better? Find out how to run a festival and not go bust. [via Telegraph; NME]



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