A zen like approach to beats.

Ringgo Ancheta, aka MNDSGN (mind design), is the latest addition to the Stones Throw roster. Over the past few years Ancheta has been quietly but steadily making moves within the Los Angeles beat scene, collaborating with the likes of Jonwayne (on whose Stones Throw debut he featured) and most recently picking up a Breakfast Show on Boiler Room.

Ancheta’s debut album is titled Yawn Zen and was released this week on vinyl and digital, following from a cassette of outtakes released on Leaving Records in early August.

With a background unlike that of most modern day producers – he was raised in a forest as part of the Filipino arm of the Aum Supreme Truth Cult – Ancheta has developed a relaxed sound over the years, with a keen ear for melodies. Speaking on his process for the album, Ancheta told Stones Throw:

“I’ve allowed myself to study the absence of daily struggle and its effects, and began to subconsciously paint that vibe in the music. Yawn Zen comes from a very neutral place that we, sometimes, are too busy to realize is there.”

The label unveiled a new video for album cut ‘Txt (Msgs)’ which precisely highlights Ancheta’s taste for dreamy, sweeping melodies.

Yawn Zen is out now on vinyl and digital via Stones Throw.



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