A special disco version of John Carpenter‘s influential theme to Assault on Precinct 13 has been around for years, but you’d be excused for having missed it.

The track was commissioned for the film itself back in 1976 and masterminded by British 60’s legend Kenny Lynch, who had up-and-coming Trinidadian Jimmy Chambers to pen a vocal accompaniment to Carpenter’s easily-recognizable original. The result was memorable disco theme ‘You Can’t Fight It’, but for some reason it ended up only being attached to the Italian version of the film itself and after a small 7″ run disappeared into obscurity.

Thanks to Fly By Night Music founder Lorenzo we now have the opportunity to finally clasp our hands around a remastered pressing of the track. Reportedly the label boss went to great lengths to secure the rights, and is set to press the track to 10″ and back it with a beefed-up edit from Riccio.

‘You Can’t Fight It’ will be released on November 3 on 10″ vinyl only via Fly By Night Music, and you can hear the original track below.



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