Spectrum Spools have announced the debut album from Giuseppe Tilliechi, aka Neel.

Tillieci’s been toiling away as a DJ and engineer for some time, mastering a clutch of releases on Prologue and Attic Music. His main outlet as a producer has been his Voices From The Lake project with Donato Dozzy, whose saturnine 2012 LP remains a high watermark of post-2010 dub techno.

Next month, Editions Mego offshoot Spectrum Spools will release Neel’s first solo effort. Phobos is an hour-long suite of ambient material, divided into seven tracks. As Resident Advisor note, the album is something of a concept piece, exploring the idea that one of Mars’ moons – the titular Phobos – might one day collide with the Red Planet. Click below to hear the ‘Life On Laputa Regio’, an involving piece of night-in-the-planetarium dark ambient.

01. Post Landing
02. Storm In Stickney
03. Crater Chain Observations
04. The Gravity Of Limtoc
05. Travelling On Kepler Dorsum
06. Life On Laputa Regio
07. The Secret Revealed



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