Watch Sophie and QT's Boiler Room performances, with introductions by Eric Wareheim

Watch the two most eagerly-anticipated performances from Hudson Mohawke’s Chimes Boiler Room show.

On August 22, Hudson Mohawke, Lunice, Eclair Fifi, Oneohtrix Point Never and special guests Busta Rhymes and Captain Murphy headlined a Boiler Room in a Los Angeles warehouse.

Making their Boiler Room debuts were divisive hyper-pop artists Sophie and QT, and now you can watch both Sophie’s 35-minute DJ set and QT’s “performance” of ‘Hey QT’ below. Both featured introductions by comedy weirdo Eric Wareheim.

Earlier today, FACT posted QT’s first interview and discovered how she found herself caught up with A.G. Cook and co., her reaction to the response to ‘Hey QT’, and her plans for both her music and the QT Energy Elixir.



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