Happiness is Happening, and in the video for ‘All that Matters’, something magical is happening, too.

‘All That Matters’ closes Roman Flügel‘s new album Happiness is Happening (out now via Dial) on a meditative note, which video director Esper Postma describes as “an atmosphere of significance, of something magical happening.”

“Parts of the song resemble a choir singing a praise. Also the title, ‘All That Matters’, is referring to something that is all-embracing. I wanted the video to show crowds of people looking at something, but the viewer never gets to know what that is exactly,” he writes.

“The event they’re all gathering for remains un-shown, which ads to its mystification. The video was to show the things that surround and ultimately constitute a magical event: people looking, pointing, filming and photographing.”

Watch the video above. For more Flügel, FACT’s Bjørn Schaeffner sat down with the producer to talk Sven Väth, writer’s block and why The Beatles are thieves.



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