Bilingual London trio Kero Kero Bonito dropped their reworked debut full-length Intro Bonito earlier this Summer to a wave of acclaim.

It hit at just the right time, catching a wave of interest in the PC Music stable (who Kero Kero Bonito are loosely related to) and in far-Eastern pop music in general. Now they’re set to release the next chapter – entitled Bonito Recycling – which finds a handful of like-minded producers (from PC Music’s Kane West and Danny L Harle to LA’s Spazzkid) remixing tracks from the mixtape.

You can hear Danny L Harle’s mix in full below, and he does a bang up job, adding a pounding, neon-blasted glow to the sparse original.


01 Sick Beat (Danny L Harle Remix)
02 My Party (bo en Remix)
03 I’d Rather Sleep (et aliae Remix)
04 Cat Vs. Dog (Kane West Remix)
05 Pocket Crocodile (Toby Gale Pixel Pounce Remix)
06 Small Town (Spazzkid Remix)

Bonito Recycling is out Sept 29 via Double Denim.



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