Moxie continues her upward trajectory with a new compilation. 

The London DJ has held down a show on NTS Radio since the station’s inception, previously had a hand in Benji B’s wildly successful Deviation night, has been a regular voice on Kiss and Rinse, and sorted us with a joyful FACT mix to boot. Last year saw her join Radio 1’s In DJs We Trust roster, and she’ll return to the station later this week, stepping into the The Residency show on Thursday evening.

Selector has turned curator, it seems – Moxie has announced a new compilation series, Moxie Presents, designed to showcase unheard material from choice underground producers. The first volume will arrive as a free download featuring new cuts from familiar (and some less familiar) names: Ikonika, Kowton, Mella Dee and SCNTST are among the producers pitching in with unheard tracks.

Stream Moxie Presents Vol 1 below and scroll down to find out more about the comp in our quick catch-up with the rising DJ.

How did you go about assembling the compilation?

I’d been thinking about doing this for a while, and so started by making a list of all the artists I love playing music from. I wanted it to be a reflection of what I support on my radio shows & in my club sets.  Everyone I emailed was really up for it, so it just came together organically & I can’t wait to share all the tracks on my new Radio 1 show this Thursday.

Is there anything that you think links the artists on the compilation? Or is it more of a pick’n’mix survey of the various strands of music being produced at the moment? 

I suppose the natural link would be what ties into my radio shows and what I’m feeling at the moment.  There are a lot of different styles and textures that I’m drawn to and so I wanted to mirror that with this compilation and not just stick to one sound or genre.

What does presenting the radio shows mean to you? Has it changed the way you play out? 

I’ve always been so passionate about hosting radio shows and being able to share all the music I love.  I feel very lucky to be able to host shows on Radio 1 & NTS as I’m able to play what I believe in & support all the artists who I think are innovative. I wouldn’t say it’s changed the way I play out but it definitely keeps me on my toes as I have to stay on top of what’s sent to me plus keep an eye out for what’s fresh at the moment.  The way I approach the two things are quite different, as on the radio it’s nice to let a tune breathe where as in the club you want to play for the crowd and what’s right for that moment.

What else are you working on at present? 

There are some really exciting things happening but I’m not allowed to mention them yet! I’m really excited for this autumn, have a load of gigs around the UK, and am really looking forward to playing Nuits Sonores Tanger in Morocco in October.


01. Budgie – If It Ain’t Broke
02. SCNTST – Time In Turunc (BeachMix)
03. Mella Dee – Helter Skelter
04. Lokiboi – Trip
05. Kowton – Snakes and Ladders
06. Ikonika – Diffusion Bonding Process
07. DEAMONDS – Bars
08. CKTRL – Pictures



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