Transllusion‘s The Opening of the Cerebral Gate is still one of the finest full-lengths in the Drexciyan catalogue.

It originally emerged back in 2001 on the German techno stable Tresor’s Supremat splinter, and since then its collectibility has gone through the roof. After James Stinson passed away suddenly in 2002, the interest in his albums was magnified, and at one point vinyl copies of The Opening of the Cerebral Gate were going for over a hundred bucks. It makes sense then that Tresor should re-issue the lost gem, and it’s due to hit the shelves once more on September 29.

You can listen to the entire record in full a week ahead of its release, and if you’ve not managed to hear it before you’re in for a treat.

To read more about Drexciya and surviving member Gerald Donald, check out Mr. Beatnick’s beginner’s guide to Donald’s work here.



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