Unsound‘s Poland edition kicks off this year in Krakow on October 12.

The festival has now revealed their complete line-up, and the new additions should definitely please fans of the darker side of modern experimental music. Firstly, Leyland Kirby (aka V/VM, aka The Stranger, etc) will be adding music to Ubu, a controversial parody of Macbeth and Hamlet directed by Jan Klata.

Mark Fell will also be presenting a special piece of work, a new installation entitled Get Out Of The Defensive Position influenced by Brion Gysin and William Burroughs’ The Dream Machine. The Dream Machine produces a stroboscopic effect said to induce altered states of consciousness, and Fell has re-created a large scale version of this, using saxophone sounds from PAN’s Andre Vida.

These pieces join an already bumper lineup featuring Lee Gamble, Perc, Lichens, Lorenzo Senni, Deathprod, Evian Christ, Craig Leon, Wanda Group, SOPHIE, Young Echo and more.

For more info and tickets head here.



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