Grown Folk’s Druture collaborates with Aussie producer Dro Carey on a brand new visual single, snipped from his forthcoming EP.

Entitled ‘Uh Oh!’ the track itself pushes in more of a dancefloor direction than Druture might be usually known for – which is probably down to collaborator Sinden’s involvement – and Dro Carey’s neon-drenched visuals certainly complement that. “I wanted to tell a cyberpunk-influenced story that would tie into the track titles and artists featured on the EP,” Carey informs, before telling us the story behind the video.

“A hacker from one cybercity goes to another cybercity and attempts to enter something called the Neural Net. He passes the initial security checks but then something goes wrong, which is where the phrase ‘Uh Oh’ comes in basically, and he escapes and retreats to his own cybercity.”

Druture tells us that the two have been “working together writing scripts and pitches for comic books, with a forthcoming series on the horizon,” so we’re sure there’s more material coming very soon.

Druture EP will be released on October 12 via Sinden’s Grizzly imprint.



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