Jon Hopkins reworks Immunity for

Brit tinkerer offers meditative reimagining of his world-beating Immunity.

Jon Hopkins has announced a new EP coming on Domino this autumn, titled Asleep Versions.

Recorded at Sundlaugin Studios near Reykjavik, Iceland, in February this year, the EP is intended to be heard as one single 25-minute piece and comprising four “decelerated, dreamlike re-imaginings” of tracks from 2013’s Immunity, the label explains, “representing the quieter, more meditative side of the album.”

The EP includes a semi-acoustic re-interpretation of ‘Form By Firelight’ featuring additional vocals from Braids and Blue Hawaii lead vocalist Raphaelle Standell. That track debuted on BBC Radio 6 Music this morning – listen to it via BBC iPlayer around 1 hour 40 minutes into the show.

As well as a standalone release, Domino are putting out a limited edition bundle with Immunity, for anyone who’s still not wise to that record.

Underneath, check out the trailer for the release below, which was directed by comics artist Robert Hunter. [via Pitchfork]


01 Immunity (with King Creosote)
02 Form By Firelight (With Raphaelle Standell)
03 Breathe This Air (Asleep Version)
04 Open Eye Signal (Asleep Version)



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