South East Londoner Miles Mitchell (aka Mr. Mitch) lands on Mike Paradinas’s Planet Mu imprint for his debut full-length.

As those of you familiar with the rapidly growing instrumental grime scene will know doubt already know, Mitch is one of the founders of Boxed (along with Slackk and others) so has been helping to build the flourishing sound gain traction over the last few years. Now he’s setting his contributions in stone with Parallel Memories, a record which might surprise some as it focuses on the slower, more melodic end of the scale.

Including Dark0 collaboration ‘Sweet Boy Code’ (which is the peace edit of Dark0’s widely-played ‘Sweet Boy Pose’, retitled), Parallel Memories is sure to be, along with Slackk’s Palm Tree Fire and Logos’ Cold Mission, an important snapshot of a scene that’s captured the world’s attention in 2014. It follows the Don’t Leave EP which will be released by Planet Mu on November 3.

Parallel Memories will be released on December 1 via Planet Mu.


01 Afternoon After
02 The Night
03 Intense Faces
04 Don’t Leave
05 It Takes Hold Of You
06 Sweet Boy Code (ft. Dark0)
07 Wandering Glaciers
08 Feel (Don’t Ask)
09 Bullion
10 Denial
11 Fly Soup
12 Hot Air



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