LA's Not Not Fun announces 300th release

Californian electronic outpost Not Not Fun will clock up their 300th release with an LP from Profligate.

The label helmed by LA Vampires‘ Amanda and Britt Brown spans a wide spectrum of  sounds from the psychedelia of Sun Araw to more beat-driven, lo-fi works by artists such as Profligate. Not Not Fun is also the parent label to 100% Silk, home of LA Vampires, Luca Lozano and Octo Octa.

The diverse imprint has been in business for a little over ten years, in that time releasing music across a  variety of formats including vinyl and CD-R and cassette. Label heads Amanda and Britt Brown were particularly instrumental in sparking the miniature renaissance of the latter format.

The 300th entry in the Not Not Fun catalogue comes from Profligate, the latest project from Philly experimentalist Noah Anthony. Anthony’s Finding The Floor LP combines techno and post-punk influences.

Not Not Fun will release Profligate’s Finding The Floor in November. Check the tracklist and stream album cut ‘Girl Full Of Joy’ below.


01. Girl Full Of Joy
02. We’re Desperate
03. Can’t Stop Shaking
04. Dormant
05. Maniac Will Win
06. Basement
07. Laughing Song
08. Finding The Floor
09. Ambient Metal Room (Impossible)
10. We Can Have It All

[via Resident Advisor]



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