Twin Peaks, one of television’s greatest ever shows and home of the best soundtrack of the 1990s, will return in 2016.

The duo behind the show, David Lynch and Mark Frost, both published tweets at 11.30am on Friday (the same time that Dale Cooper enters the town in the show’s first episode), teasing the show’s return. Lynch has just confirmed the news.

Showtime will run nine new episodes of the show, based in the current day (25 years on from the show’s second series, and the amount of time referenced in that series’ Black Lodge scenes).

All nine episodes will be written by Frost and Lynch, and all will be directed by Lynch. Earlier this year, FACT’s John Twells penned a guide to the work of Twin Peaks soundtracker Angelo Badalamenti – it’s definitely worth a revisit.

Update: So Kyle MacLachlan – who famously played Special Agent Dale Cooper in the show’s first two seasons – has confirmed via Twitter that he’ll be donning the black suit once more. Whether Coop will be himself (if you know what we mean), well that remains to be seen.



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