'Berghain-on-sea' snapped up by anonymous buyer

Mystery purchaser splashes out on the dilapidated structure.

A disused fort in the Thames dubbed ‘Berghain-on-sea’ by optimistic clubbers has been sold to an anonymous buyer.

The hideous structure, built in the 19th century as part of a chain of coastal defences, went for £100,000 less than the initial asking price of £500,000.  The buyer has decided to keep his or her name secret until planning permission to renovate the property has been approved, reports the Independent.

A group of Scottish promoters had initially launched a crowdfunding campaign to convert the fort, located off the Isle of Grain, into a night club. Whether that’s the new owner’s plan is yet to be seen, but given that it’s completely surrounded by water at high tide, brave is the raver who wants to be ferried over on a choppy winter night.



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