Techno overlord dips in to his Plastikman alias for unusual film soundtrack.

Richie Hawtin has shared his alternative score for Dimitri Kirsanoff’s Brumes d’automne, a French silent film from 1928.

Hawtin’s soundtrack, created under his Plastikman moniker, premiered at Centre Pompidou in Paris on September 19. The project was commissioned by French director Bertrand Bonello, who described the 12-minute film as “a breathtaking beauty, an emotion that few words can explain,” adding: “The original music is by Paul Devred. What would we see differently if the music was different?”

As well as Hawtin, Diana Soh and Bonello himself contributed alternative scores to the film for the event.

Hawtin returned to his Plastikman alias this year for a live album, EX, recorded at New York’s Guggenheim. FACT also unearthed some of the Canadian producer’s finest lesser-known gems for Mind In Rewind: Richie Hawtin’s 20 Best Deep Cuts.



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