Mutya Keisha Siobhan‘s new album is coming soon, according to the group.

The three original Sugababes returned in 2012, working with Blood Orange and enjoying a well-received comeback show at London’s Scala, before releasing their comeback single proper, ‘Flatline’. Unfortunately, it tanked, only reaching #50 in the UK Singles Chart, and the group was reportedly dropped.

Still, we’ve heard several rumours about the group’s movements in recent weeks – including one that should really, really please early Sugababes fans – and a new post on the group’s Facebook reveals that they have a “new team” [label / management, we presume] and an “amazing album” ready. “All will be explained soon”, the post concludes, “but we are still together and can’t wait for you to hear what we’ve been cooking.”

Read Chal Ravens’ article on the MKS Redemption story, and stream ‘Lay Down in Swimming Pools’ below. Forest Swords, lest we forget, is also a fan.



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