Basic Channel‘s influential second 12″ ‘Phylyps Trak’ is arguably one of the most important techno slabs of its era.

When it appeared in 1993 it helped change the way people thought about the techno genre and notably helped shift production techniques, inspiring a legion of copyists. That rare first 1993 pressing (on green vinyl) is now a collectors item and legendary Berlin record store Hard Wax have managed to unearth a rare-as-hens-teeth sealed copy.

You can buy it now for the admittedly steep price of €400, but it’s worth noting that not only can you score a more recent repress for €8 at the same store. Additionally if you have a look on discogs you can even snag a near mint copy of the green vinyl pressing for much more reasonable €149.95.

Check out the track in full below, and then decide whether you want to purchase a piece of techno history. [via Resident Advisor]

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