It’s time! Again!

Last year, Flannelgraph Records put out It’s Time, the faintly ridiculous 1977 LP by kooky zero-profile synth musician Don Muro. And great fun it was too – we previously described it as “quick-changing between lamé-shirted tweecore, trucker rock, Tangerine Dream knock-offs and supercharged Syclops electro.”

Late next month, Flannelgraph will put out a new Muro compilation, Souffrances et Extases du Jeune Amour. The album collects material recorded between 1969 and 1974, and promises a similarly schizophrenic mix of experimental electronics, soft rock and raw kitsch. According to Muro, some of the included tracks were recorded as demos and intended for performance on a grand piano, but subsequently left to gather dust until now.

Souffrances et Extases du Jeune Amour will hit shelves on November 25 in both 12” and digital formats.

Label boss Jared Cheek’s feature on Starflyer 59’s underrated 1995 LP Gold. 




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