FaltyDL returns with unpronounceable <em>///I\II\\\\</em> EP, feat. remixes by μ-Ziq, E+E

Drew Lustman returns from In The Wild.

Lustman released his fourth FaltyDL LP, In The Wild, earlier this year; FACT’s Aimee Cliff noted the album’s “moments of sheer beauty and reckless fun.”

Apparently there’s no rest for the weary: Lustman will return next month with an 8-track EP, given the unpronounceable title ///I\II\\\\. The EP features remixes of In The Wild tracks by FaltyDL himself, Planet Mu boss Mike “μ-Ziq” Paradinas, Blueberry Recrords’ Brrd, and L.A. iconoclast E+E, who gives ‘Grief’ a Bolivian metal spin.

In addition to the remixes, there are a handful of experimental tracks: ‘GA 2 Tape outcome.z130583’ sees “prepared musical situations” routed through a Tascam 4-track recorder and an old VHS, while ‘M ///I\II\\\\’ and ‘P ///I\II\\\\’ are the result of the same piano set-up.

The EP is due out on November 24 on 12″ orange vinyl with black splatter. Listen to the brukked-out mix of ‘Do Me’ below; the tracklist follows.

A1. Greater Antilles VIP
A2. Rolling (μ-Ziq Remix)
A3. Frontin (Brrd Remix)
B1. Do Me (Bruk Mix)
B2. Grief (E+E Remix)
B3. GA 2 Tape outcome.z130583
B4. M ///I\II\\\\
B5. P ///I\II\\\\



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