Do you make digital art? THE SPACE has money to throw your big idea – apply now!

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If you’re pushing the envelope, #thespace wants to throw cash at you.

Digital art is where some of the most exciting creative work is happening right now, with a whole generation of artists developing ambitious projects using virtual and online technology. Big ideas are hard to get off the ground, of course, especially if you’re a young artist working with expensive or time-intensive processes.

The Space is a non-profit organisation that wants to throw big money at big ideas, giving artists serious funding to realise that one crazy project they thought they could never get off the ground. They’ve teamed up with Vice to reach out to ambitious artists from all disciplines, and now they’re inviting you to submit your boldest pitch.

Nothing is off limits – the project can be based in any artistic discipline, from music and film to visual arts and gaming. The only stipulation is that the project can live on the internet and be accessed on mobile and tablet devices.

Artists can pitch their idea through an Open Call which runs until November 14, 2014. It’s easy to apply – just submit a short description of your idea at the Open Call website, and they’ll select the very best projects. Shortlisted entries will then be asked to submit further material to explain the project, and – this is very important – artists will retain all rights to their project.

The winners of #thespace Open Call will be announced in February 2015. Watch the video below to find out more about the scheme, and if you’ve got a big idea that needs big funding, get your application in now.






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