The producer behind Chrono Jigga is at it again.

Kentucky’s 2 Mello first caught our attention with his mash-up of the Chrono Trigger soundtrack and various Jay-Z acapellas. He’s back at it, fusing various Wu-Tang tracks with Nobuo Uematsu’s score for Final Fantasy VI (aka FF3 on the SNES).

Stream the excellent results below and download here. 2 Mello writes: “Whether you are a Wu fan, a classic RPG gamer or both, I hope you find plenty to amuse and entertain you here.” We bet you will.

Video game soundtracks have never been more influential. Check out FACT’s interviews with Brian Reitzell, David Kanaga and Power Glove for insights into the breadth and scope of the modern video game score, and revisit our favorite rap-Final Fantasy mash-up below.



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