Chance the Rapper to drop free album this year; working with Frank Ocean, Migos, more

The Chicago rapper plans a major project with his Social Experiment band.

Since releasing Acid Rap last year, Chance the Rapper has been relatively quiet, aside from some guest spots and one-off tracks co-credited to his band, the Social Experiment — and it turns out the latter is a clue of what’s to come.

Chance and the Social Experiment have announced plans for a series of projects to released over the coming months. First up is Surf, an album that features trumpet player Nico “Donnie Trumpet” Segal and will be released for free this year.

In addition, Frank Ocean, Rick Rubin, Migos, J. Cole, Emily King and more have been in the studio with the band. “There’s been a lot of just people in the studio watching us work almost like a house band. People come in just to watch us jam out,” he tells Billboard.

Chance and company are currently working on a live show inspired in part by the Lion King musical. Listen to the latest Social Experiment dispatch — ‘Know Betta Blues’ — below.



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