Norwegian crossover star Todd Terje has revealed the latest video from It’s Album Time, ‘Delorean Dynamite’.

Shot lo-fi, the video hawks a rare Delorean DMC-12 and closes with an email address where you can get in touch and buy it. As a press release clarifies, it’s owned by this guy, and features in the visuals for Terje’s live show:

This is a real classified for the sale of Frank’s Delorean. Frank was kind enough to let Todd Terje use the Delorean for his live visuals. Eventually, Frank decided it was time to sell his prized automobile, so in return for his generosity, Terje offered his music and Terje’s collaborator, Espen Friberg (the director who made the ‘Leisure Suit Preben‘ video) offered to make him video to help him sell it. The result is this bizarre advertisement/music video, which is currently sitting somewhere on Norway’s Craigslist. The email address above is real. SERIOUS ENQUIRIES ONLY, PLEASE.

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