Looking for a party to crash? There's an app for that

Mooching around the club at 5am in search of a morning session?

Or perhaps you fancy having an impromptu house party with a bunch of total strangers? There’s an app for that!

As spotted by Mixmag, KickOn is an “event discovery app” that its inventors have billed as “Tinder for parties”, allowing you to search for goings-on in your area and invite yourself along. Joining a party makes you visible to the host, who vets your profile before sending you a QR code that works as a ticket. Likewise, if your list of guests is looking a bit thin, you can pop your event on the database and wait for unfamiliar faces to add themselves to the guestlist.

The team of web developers behind KickOn, who’ve obviously never woken up after a house party to find a blank wall where their TV used to be, are also building weekly rankings to find out who is the MVP – that’s Most Valuable Partier – in each university, state and country.

We must admit there’s something quite appealing about flicking through all the parties happening within walking distance of your house – it saves you an Uber at least. And who knows, you might finally meet your neighbours.

The app launched this year in Australia and the US, and the developers are currently looking for university ambassadors to bring Kickon into campuses.



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