Stream Jon Mueller and Duane Pitre's blissful album of gongs and cymbals for Type

Clangers, not anthems.

Two revered figures from the experimental circuit, drummer Jon Mueller and composer Duane Pitre, have unveiled an album-length collaboration inspired by ‘The Inverted Torch’, a poem by Edith Matilda Thomas.

Wisconsin-based percussionist Mueller, who boasts a huge catalogue of albums (including a pair recent releases as Death Blues) alongside his regular gig a as a drummer in Justin Vernon’s Volcano Choir, brings his gong collection to the table while New Orlean’s Pitre contributes bowed cymbals and his own collection of Max/msp patches.

They combine on two lengthy pieces, ‘No Longer of Our Time’ and ‘A Fading Light Within its Place’, which use the poem’s text as “the starting point in a process that allowed them to discuss change, life, time and human action as they blended real-time performance with synthetic elements seamlessly,” according to the label.

Pitting electronics against the pair’s ‘real’ clanging instruments, the result is both contemplative and unpredictable – close the curtains and stream the whole thing below. Inverted Torch is out on November 19 via Type (full disclosure: a label independently operated by FACT’s John Twells).



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