A Halloween gorefest from the mind of the cult British animator.

Flying Lotus has unveiled a gruesome, fairly NSFW video for ‘Ready Err Not’, a track from his morbid new album You’re Dead!. This time the Brainfeeder boss has tapped David Firth, animator of creepy black comedies Salad Fingers and Burnt Face Man, who FlyLo says is “one of [his] favorite animators of all time”.

FlyLo makes a cameo in the film only to have his head chopped off in the opening scenes, while dozens of grotesque rubbery characters do grotesque rubbery things involving umbilical cords and eyeballs with spider legs – it’s brilliantly retch-inducing.

Following the release of his prog-jazz opus, FlyLo is gearing up to take You’re Dead! on tour, with a string of dates in the UK and Europe next year.



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