Tapes of Coil‘s towering second album Horse Rotorvator have appeared online.

It’s hard to deny the massive influence of Horse Rotorvator. For many listeners it remains the band’s finest moment – a collision of the kind of wincing industrial electronics and all-important homoerotic imagery that would sustain their notoriety for decades.

Now the album’s original master tapes have appeared on popular auction site eBay, and are billed as “completely genuine.” They have apparently been “professionally restored” and were originally from “Geff & Sleazy’s personal archive” and right now the auction is sitting at just over £500. If you fancy owning a slice of British musical history, head here for a chance.

Tape contents:

Tape 1: Cardinal Points, Aqua Regalia, Slur
Tape 2: Chickenskin, Ravenous, The Golden Section
Tape 3: The Anal Staircase, Babylero, Ostia
Tape 4: The First Five Minutes After Death, Penetralia, Circles Of Mania, Paradisiac
Tape 5: Blood From The Air, Who By Fire



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