Original FWD>> material unearthed for a special occasion.

To celebrate 10 years of his influential blog, which has charted the ebbs and flows of the ‘nuum throughout its dubstep, grime and funky iterations and beyond, Keysound boss Blackdown has shared an unreleased recording of DMZ DJs Loefah and Mala tearing it up at FWD>> back in 2006.

“Honestly, I think it’s the best live dubstep set I’ve ever heard recorded and it came straight out the mixing desk of Plastic People at the club night that gave birth to and raised dubstep, FWD>>,” he writes. “I’ve had access to this set ever since I did some archive work for Ammunition around the time of the Roots of…” compilations. Thank you to FWD>> and DMZ for letting me share this previously unheard live recording from FWD>>at Plastic People, east London.”

Blackdown has also added his own insights and anecdotes in a hefty chunk of accompanying words, so it’s a trove of goodies for real heads. Download it from his blog.



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