That Beyonce tracklist is fake, but it still looks like an album is on the way

The “leaked tracklist” turned out to be bobbins, but the pre-order pages popping up hint that something is afoot.

Everyone got excited for about five seconds last week when a tracklist surfaced for a second volume of Beyoncé’s self-titled 2013 album, featuring a handful of bonus tracks plus live concert footage and the videos for each track.

The news was quickly debunked by eagle-eyed fans who spotted that the planned release date of November 25 is a Tuesday, not a Monday as the document has it, and that the title of the bonus track ‘Good in Good Bye’ is in fact a lyric from ‘Best Thing I Never Had’. A superfan has since taken credit for the hoax.

But the story has now taken a strange twist, as a four-disc edition of Beyoncé has appeared for pre-order from several online stores, including Best Buy and Amazon UK, with a release date of November 24. And, as Buzzfeed notes, three new songs have been registered with ASCAP under Beyoncé’s name: ‘Cherry’, ‘Donk’ and ‘Partition (Remix)’.

Naturally we are delighted to hear that Beyoncé has been putting a donk on it. A final nugget of evidence is the fact that November 24 was set to be the release date for Nicki Minaj’s The Pinkprint before she rescheduled to December 15, suggesting that Minaj has once again moved an album release to make way for Bey.

Meanwhile, Bey is busy designing her new streetwear line for fashion giant Topshop, and a biography of the pop icon is planned for 2015.



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