Watch a 19-year-old MF Doom address the US Senate

It’s Election Day — check out a fascinating Rock The Vote throwback.

Back in 1990, Rock The Vote was founded by Virgin Records exec Jeff Ayeroff, campaign operative Steve Barr and others. Their first initiative to get young people to vote was to lobby for the “Motor Voter” bill, which allowed people to register to vote when receiving their driver’s license at the DMV.

In 1991, MF Doom — back when he was unmasked and went by Zev Love X — addressed a US Senate committee hearing focused on the National Voter Registration Act, accompanied by his KMD partner-in-crime Onyx. Watch a video of their comments below.

The bill passed Congress the next year, due in large part to Rock The Vote’s efforts, but President George H.W. Bush vetoed the bill. Bill Clinton successfully used the veto as a wedge issue in that year’s presidential election, eventually signing it into law. [via Rappcats]



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