Warning: This video contains psytrance.

The wild Australian bush doof scene is not something we’ve covered on FACT in the past. For those unaware, a bush doof is an Australian term for a rave set within untamed rural surroundings.

Bush doofs are not a new phenomenon – Australia has had a rich history of such events, with the movement first emerging from the ashes of the collapsed inner-city rave scene in the late ’90s. The recent introduction of draconian alcohol licensing laws and strict curfews in metropolitan areas of Sydney and Newcastle has led to another boom in the bush doof scene, with both the size and number of events increasing once again.

Sydney filmmaker Ivan Lentell has attempted to document this burgeoning movement in the first episode of his Sceno’s Subcultural Safari series, developed in collaboration with FBi Radio. The result is a hilarious insight into an admirably unpretentious world full of unbridled psychedelica, relentless trance music and white people with dreadlocks.

There is an unquestionable unity between revellers, as the filmmaker eloquently states “They’re like one big organism sperming all over the mud. It’s beautiful.”



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