Julee Cruise's Angelo Badalamenti-produced <em>Floating Into The Night</em> reissued on vinyl

With Twin Peaks set to return, revisit the debut album by David Lynch’s one-time muse.

Julee Cruise’s Floating Into The Night was written and produced by Angelo Badalamenti and David Lynch. The album is practically synonymous with Lynch’s most memorable work: the instrumental version of ‘Falling’ was repurposed as the Twin Peaks theme, while ‘Mysteries of Love’ was featured prominently in Blue Velvet.

First released in 1989, the album will be reissued on 180 gram vinyl with a double-sided insert by Plain Recordings. Head to Boomkat or Runt for more info.

Floating Into The Night landed in the upper reaches of FACT’s top 100 albums of the 1980s; for more in this vein, check out our beginner’s guide to Angelo Badalamenti.

Side 1

1. [4:51] Floating
2. [5:18] Falling
3. [4:11] I Remember
4. [5:45] Rockin’ Back Inside My Heart
5. [4:27] Mysteries Of Love

Side 2

1. [4:42] Into The Night
2. [4:33] I Float Alone
3. [4:54] The Nightingale
4. [2:28] The Swan
5. [6:38] The World Spins



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