Punk legends give us a rare insight into their cherished vinyl collections.

Upcoming documentary Records Collecting Dust showcases the vinyl collections of alternative music icons. The film includes interviews with former Dead Kennedys frontman Jello Biafra and Black Flag’s Keith Morris and Chuck Dukowski as well as 30 of their peers. The film also features live performances from Biafra and The Locust.

Records Collecting Dust was created by Jason Blackmore, who explained, “I wanted to capture the pre-internet world of finding your new favorite band and record. Before the internet, you didn’t have blogs, Spotify, and YouTube to find new music. You went to your local record shop and many times purchased a record because you liked the cover art. I also hoped to capture the intimacy of sitting down in these people’s living rooms and talking about the records and bands that influenced them. For many of the people featured in our film, it’s not just the music that played a major influence — it’s the process in which they discovered it.”

Watch the trailer above.

[via Consequence of Sound]



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