Vladislav Delay to release his entire Ripatti label catalogue digitally for the first time

Vinyl-only endeavour gets remastered and reworked.

Sasu Ripatti returned to his Vladislav Delay moniker this week for Visa, a blissful, beatless album that marks his first foray into ambient music for over a decade, and now there’s more good news from the Finnish producer’s camp: the entire catalogue of his vinyl-only Ripatti label is to be made available digitally for the first time.

The label launched in 2013 with a “club music project”, confusingly also named Ripatti, and has since put out material from both his own Ripatti and Vladislav Delay aliases as well as his Heisenberg collaboration with Max Loderbauer and the Twwth project with Matti Pentikäinen and a forthcoming release by Rick’s.

“The aim of this new digital catalogue was to keep the vinyl releases special but also to make something completely new for the digital medium,” the label stated, explaining that Ripatti has reproduced and remastered all of the material to make it unique from the vinyl releases. The digital versions arrive on November 24.

Stream Visa below and buy the album, also released on Ripatti, here or on Bandcamp. Check out more of Ripatti’s finest moments in our guide to The Essential… Vladislav Delay.



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