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Devonshire club god Fraxinus‘s ‘All Ends’ finally drops today on Her Records.

A staple of Her-related sets over the last year (though the track is actually two years old), ‘All Ends’ has become a real circuit anthem, plonking the vocal from Big Ria’s Baltimore classic ‘Knuckleheadz’ over a bubbling drum track. In fact, B-side ‘Off Ends’ – a more intense flip of the A – might be even better.

We’re streaming audio of both tracks below, along with a short Q&A with Fraxinus. Order ‘All Ends’ at the Her Records webstore.

When we interviewed the four of you in Her before, you said you had a lot to live up to following previous Her singles. 

I don’t see ‘All Ends’ as a single in the sense of the past few Her releases. It’s definitely something different. I actually made the track a couple of years ago. I found it highly effective on the dance floor, and after its first play on Rinse it had garnered plenty of attention. The next step was to release it on Her. I look up to everyone else on the label, I wouldn’t say I feel pressure, but I want the bits I release after this to be just as immersive as the last few releases.

Did you always envision ‘All Ends’ as a vinyl-only release, rather than digi like the rest of the Her catalogue?

When people started to hype the track I kept it really close, only sending to friends. At this point I knew I wanted it to be something special, and a limited vinyl run is a great way of doing that. Suda and MM proposed inaugurating a ‘white label’ series with ‘All Ends’, backed with the ‘Off Ends’ special edition. I was really down to do that. It feels exciting to have the record finally coming out, and I can’t wait for people to hear whats lined up for future WL releases!

Is All Ends representative of your overall sound, do you think? or is it too early to gauge that?

‘All Ends’ is a simple jam – It’s not wildly innovative, nor does it flex my production skills to the fullest. I made it a while back and since then my techniques and mindset have altered. Listening to it today makes me proud of what I have created (and informed the style I followed when bootlegging things like ‘Wheel’) but I want to push myself with future productions. I don’t really want anything to be representative of my overall sound to be honest – partly because I don’t know what it is yet, also because I have a wide range of club influences – one piece of music can sound wholly different to another. I guess that’s the art of being a producer: having your own sound, developing a signature that changes over time.

Anything else you wanna mention / we should be aware of?

‘All Ends’ / ‘Off Ends’ sees release today! I have some winter DJ dates around Europe and I’m organizing a party to keep me busy. Thanks to everyone who has and continues to support my music from around the world, respect to Big Ria, shout out to the whole Her Records family and finally god bless the internet for always being there.



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