Jimmy Edgar to mix Fabriclive 79

The Ultramajician steps up for the long-running series.

Jimmy Edgar will mix Fabriclive 79, which is due out on January 19. The mix focuses on what’s next for his Ultramajic imprint, as well as the music of his beloved hometown — Detroit techno.

“I went through a bunch of unreleased tracks we are going to put out on Ultramajic and decided to launch them with this mix,” he writes. “I got some exclusive material from my good friends Danny Daze, Crystal Bandito, and Kris Wadsworth. This mix explores the different vibes of Ultramajic.”

The mix bounds from techno veterans Terrence Dixon and Patrice Scott, to unreleased Ultramajic tracks, to his contribution with the late-great DJ Rashad and beyond. The cover art is below.

01. Terrence Dixon – The Electric [6ONE6]
02. POL Style, Vin Sol & Matrixxman – Power Top [Unknown To The Unknown]
03. Patrice Scott – Raw Fusion [Sistrum] + L-Vis 1990 – Hard Drive [Night Slugs]
04. Crystal Bandito – Let It All Out [Ultramajic]
05. Truncate & Jimmy Edgar – Submission [Ultramajic]
06. Jimmy Edgar – Tik Tok [Ultramajic]
07. Crystal Bandito – EEEwalk [Ultramajic]
08. Jimmy Edgar – RS2000 [Ultramajic]
09. Crystal Bandito – Work It [Ultramajic]
10. Jimmy Edgar – Fern Portal [Ultramajic]
11. Jimmy Edgar feat. DJ Rashad – Walk Show [Ultramajic]
12. Crystal Bandito – Feel So Free [Ultramajic]
13. Danny Daze – Ready2Go [Omnidisc]
14. DJ Godfather & DJ Starski – Another Freaks [D.E.T. Only]
15. Crystal Bandito – Be With Me [Ultramajic]
16. Kris Wadsworth – Uranus 444 (Side A) [Uranus]
17. Jimmy Edgar – Atlantiz [Ultramajic]
18. Kris Wadsworth – Uranus 333 (Side B) [Uranus]



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