Listen to the industrial title track from Egyptrixx's <em> Transfer of Energy [Feelings of Power]</em> LP

The Toronto-based producer unveils the first hint of his new album.

Earlier this month, David Psutka launched Halocline Trance, a “vessel for his music, visual and collaborative projects.” First up: his latest album as Egyptrixx, titled Transfer of Energy [Feelings of Power].

The producer has shared the album’s title track, and it’s a stunner: cavernous ambience punctuated by metallic synths and pneumatic percussion that lives up to the machine-made album art.

Stream ‘Transfer of Energy [Feelings of Power]’ below; the album’s tracklist follows. The album — which ponders the dichotomy between tranquility and concussion — is due out early next year.

[1] Halocline Trance
[2] Transfer of Energy [Feelings of Power]
[3] Body II Body Feat. Nyssa
[4] Discipline 1982
[5] Mirror Etched on Shards of Amethyst
[6] Not Vital
[7] Conduit [Repo]



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