Underground Resistance hero Rolando shares his unbeatable Aztec Mystic Mix from 1999

Detroit selector Rolando has made a brilliant session from his archives available on Soundcloud.

The Aztec Mystic Mix was originally released on CD in 1999 and is known to Underground Resistance heads as one of the finest mixes from the legendary techno crew. The 72-minute journey comprising a handful of Rolando productions under his alias The Aztec Mystic plus cuts from Drexciya, Mad Mike, The Suburban Knight and other UR affiliates.

As you’d expect, it’s 24-carat material all the way, grounded in angular, abstract funk while reaching to the cosmos with rushing pads and extra-terrestrial bleeps and stutters – a cherished memory for vintage ravers, but probably sounding fresh as anything to the youngers.

Hat tip to Chris SSG for bringing this one to our attention. Tracklist below via MixesDB. Rolando also launched a new label this year, R3, kicking off with his own three-track EP Juu.


[00] UR – Intro
[01] Aztec Mystic – Jaguar
[09] Martian 044 – Dreamdancing
[14] Aztec Mystic – Aztec Mystic
[17] Octave One – Daystar Rising
[21] DJ Rolando – Aztlan
[24] The Martian – Firekeeper
[31] Aztec Mystic – Ascesion
[34] Dark Nrg – Witchdokta
[36] The Martian – The Stardancer
[39] Drexciya – Dr Blowfins Experiment
[41] The Martian – Ultraviolet Images
[45] UR – Soulpower
[49] Drexciya – Bata Bumps
[54] Afrogermanic – Z Track
[55] UR – Soul Circuits
[60] UR – Metamorphasis
[63] Mad Mike – Illuminator
[69] The Suburban Knight – Midnite Sunshine



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